Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing at Lil' Locks

Ear piercing makes your ears ear-resistible, with our once in a life time ear-piercing experience.

Select yours after Mom’s approval, and with a quick, sweet pinch, voila! Your first pair of earrings are in and sparkling. We’ll celebrate the occasion with a signature star, commemorative photo, ear piercing certificate, and delicious lollipop.

All of our earrings are hypo-allergenic, nickel free, sterile and have that super cute sparkle!

$25 and up

 What’s included:

  • Keepsake Photo
  • Ear Piercing Certificate
  • Gourmet Lollipop

Fun Ideas from Other Moms:

  • Capture the moment on video!
  • Surprise her with Earrings and a note that says:

“Tomorrow we will visit Lil’ Locks for your ears to be pierced with jewels so classy!”


Does Lil’ Locks pierce baby ears? 

Yes, we do ear piercings on clients as young as 2 months old. Please confirm when making your appointment.

Does it hurt?

Some girls say it doesn’t hurt and some girls say it does. It might feel like a quick pinch.

How is Ear Piercing unique at Lil’ Locks?

We do everything to make this moment memorable and comfortable for your sweet girl. From the soft throne-like chair to the keepsake photo and certificate, we go above and beyond to make this a special experience for you and your daughter. We also will suggest your daughter hold a stuffed animal or sit in mom or dad’s lap for comfort.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We do suggest you make an appointment for ear piercing so we can be adequately staffed. We make a point to pierce both ears at the SAME TIME with the help of 2 trained staff members. This allows the process to be easy and quick, as we count to 5.

How do I care for my ears after getting them pierced?

You will need to wear the earrings provided for at least 2 months at their loosest setting. Twice a day you will need to clean your ears with the provided solution to prevent infection. A trained staff member will teach you how to clean your ears.

Do I need to worry about my daughter being allergic to the earrings?

No, all of our products are allergen free.

How soon can I wear Fashion Earrings?

You may try non-surgical steel or non-14k Gold earrings after 2 months of getting your ears pierced.

Call Lil’ Locks today to schedule an appointment. We will confirm your appointment within 1 hour.

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